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Class is in session!

Below you will find links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, other links for help in all subjects for school. Please be responsible while using these sites! Remember if you can use these sites so can your teachers!

The Geometry Forum

Cornell Theory Math & Science Gateway

Mount St. Helens

The Nine Planets

Project Libellus

Welcome to the United States Civil War Center

The World of Benjamin Franklin

The Human Language Page

Online Reference Works

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The WWW Virtual Library-Environment

Database of the WWW Virtual Library

WWWebster Dictionary

KidSource OnLine: Preschool

Giraffics Multimedia Books

Music Education

Homework Help

Flash Cards For Kids



Notable Citizens of Planet Earth (Historical biographical dictionary)

Yahooligans School Bell

The History Channel

Geography World

Countries and Oceans

Global Data

Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia

UT Science Bytes

Adult supervision is advised. All links listed above were working at the time of construction of this page. Links will be checked monthly. If you have trouble with a particular site or have a site that you feel is Kid's Safe and Family oriented please email me and I will look into it.