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World Association Pin

Brownie Membership Pin

Brownie Wings

Age or Grade

6-8 years old or first, second, or third grade.

Form of Troop Government

Brownie Girl Scout Ring or Brownie Girl Scout Circle


Brownie Girl Scout Tryits
Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Patch
Badges earned as part of bridging activities
Religious recognitions

Sample Brownie Investiture Ceremony

Brownies wait outside room
One adult waits outside with Brownies
When ready, Brownies say "knock, knock"
Adult inside says:"Who is there?"
Girls: "Little Girls"
Adult: "What do you want?"
Girls: "We want to be Brownies!"
Adult: "Why?"
Girls: (Give Reasons)
Adult to others in room: "Shall we let them in?"
Adults inside room: "Yes"

Girls come in and form a semicircle around a mirror which should be banked with something green to give the appearance of a pool of water. Pins are on a small table or chair near pool.
Leader takes each girl and turns her by the hand saying:
"Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I looked in the pool and saw ______."
Brownie: says: "Myself"
Brownie turns to leader, says her Promise and leader puts on the Brownie pin.
After all are invested Brownies sing the Brownie Smile Song.
(Source: The Guide for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders)


Finish the Song
The group is divided into 2 teams. Team A starts singing a popular song. When the leader raises her hand, the singing stops. Team B must then take up the song at that point and finish it. If B cannot finish it, A starts the next song. But if Team B is successful, its members start the next song and Team A must complete it.

As proof of how news is distorted as it travels from mouth to mouth, try this gossip contest. Arrange the girls in a circle and whisper a brief news item to someone who whispers it to the second girl ... and so on around the circle. No restatement is allowed, meaning that each person whispers only once and to their neighbor. Have the last player give the news as they heard it.

Check out "Just For Girls" a website designed by the Girl Scout Organization