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The Daisy Pin

Daisy Girl Scout Story

Dear Daisy Girl Scout,

You are a Daisy Girl Scout and are named after "Daisy" Gordon Low. Daisy Low started Girl Scouts a long time ago in 1912. Her real name was Juliette, but most people called her "Daisy".

Juliette was born in 1860 on Halloween in a place called Savannah, Georgia. (Ask someone to show you where it is on a map.) Her uncle gave her the name "Daisy" when she was a baby. He looked at her one day and said, "I bet she's going to be a daisy!" He thought she was some baby! Ever since then people have called her Daisy.

Daisy had an older sister named Nellie and 4 younger sisters and brothers-named Alice, Willy, Mabel, and Arthur. Her father was a cotton trader, and her mother was a homemaker, busy taking care of all the children, the family, and their house.

They lived in a big in Savannah. (Now it is a Girl Scout program center, and if you are ever in Savannah, Georgia, you can visit the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace on 142 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia.)

As a young girl, Daisy did many things. She to climb , play with her brothers, sisters, and cousins, take care of animals, start and run clubs, stories, draw pictures, tell jokes, write and be in plays, explore places, and do many other things.

One time she saved a from being drowned in a flood. Another time she kept a cow from getting really sick by putting her mother's blanket on the cow overnight. Her mother did not like that too much, because the blanket fell off the cow in the morning and the cow stepped on it. But at least the cow did not get sick.

Daisy's father and grandmother knew that she loved animals, especially horses. When they thought she was old enough to take care of one, they bought her a . She named the horse and spent many hours riding him, grooming him, and talking to him. He was black with four white feet. Daisy was very, very happy to have a and took very good care of him.

Later on, Daisy grew up and married a man named Willy Low. They went to live in England and Scotland, countries on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. (Ask someone to show you on a world map where they are.)

They lived together for many years, but then Willy . Other sad things had happened to Daisy, too. She had problems with her ears and became partially deaf.

Even with these sad events in her life, she went on to do many wonderful things. She heard about Boy Scouts and Girl Guides from her friend Lord Baden~Powell. Daisy decided to start the same thing for girls in the United States. After leading a few troops of Girl Guides in Scotland, she came back to the and started Girl Scouts. On March 12,1912, the first troop met. That's why March 12 is the the Girl Scout .

Very soon Girl Scouting was happening in different parts of the country. Girls 10 years old and older were helping others, making friends, , deciding on things, planning, learning, working and playing together. (Now girls from Daisy Girl Scouts to Senior Girl Scouts can enjoy Girl Scouting.) And Daisy made sure that Girl Scouts in the United States were sisters to all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other parts of the world.

Daisy a long time ago in 1927. She lived to be almost 67 years old. She did many things in her life. Daisy had fun, helped other people, animals, and started Girl Scouts in the . Her uncle was right! She sure was a DAISY! And so are YOU!

(Source: Daisy Girl Scouts Leaders' Guide)

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