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World Association Pin

Age or Grade
8-11 years old or third, fourth, fifth, or sixth grade

Form of Troop Government
Partol System, town meeting or executive board

More Recognitions

Badges (White, green, tan)
Signs (Rainbow, Sun, Satellite, World)
Junior Aide patch
Bridge to Catdette Girl Scouts patch
Religious recognitions

Nature crafts

Seeds (sunflower, bird, melon, orange, lemon, coffee beans, split peas, rice, etc.)
white glue
clear, plastic spray
small brush, Q-tip, etc
Make a simple design on cardboard. Plan colors and/or textures
Paint area to covered with one kind of seed with white glue. Fill in the area with seed.
Arrange large seeds and glue them separtely -- sprinkle small seeds
When mosiac is finished and glue is dry, spray with plastic

Pine Cone Garden
Round piece of wood, large pine cone, nail, saucer and seeds
Nail well-shaped, large pine cone onto round piece of wood.(Use adult supervision when doing this part)
Place in saucer of water. "Plant" grass and small flower seeds between cone petals. Watch seed sprout.

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