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Gold Award

Senior Leadership Pin

World Association Pin

Age or Grade

14-17 years old or ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade

Form of Troop Government

Patrol system, town meeting, or executive board


Interest Project Patches
Leader-in-Training Pin
Counselor-In-Training Pin
From Dreams to Reality patch
Religious recognitions
American Indian Youth Certificate and Award
Ten-Year Award
Senior Girl Scout Challenge Pin
Apprentice Trainer's pin
Career Exploration pin
Girl Scout Gold Award
Bridge to Adults Girl Scouts pin

Events and Activities
Council and National Wider Opportunity Events
Older Girl Area and Regional Planning Board Committee
Program Aides
Leader-in-Training Program
Senior Board Member
Area Delegate


This is a great idea when you are in-charge of doing an activity for an area encampment.

Each troop is to find a log. This log is to be decorated to represent their troop. They can make cuts in the log to to represent each girl of the troop, color it, glue burnable items to it, etc. Be creative! At the campfire, each troop takes a turn & stands in front of the whole group and explains their log. After they are finished they put their log into the fire.

In the morning after the ashes are completely cooled, using a spoon, you will put some of the ashes into the containers (baggies or film canisters work nice) you brought. Each troop receives a container of ashes. With these ashes include a note of where they came from and a copy of the Friendship Log instructions. Each girl will have a keepsake of the camping event and friendships they made there.

Our troop takes these ashes with us to every campfire we attend, sprinkle some of ashes in the fire at that event, after it is cooled, put some back in the container. We keep a list of all the events we attended with the container making it really special.

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