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Welcome to the Fun House

Hi and welcome! My name is Missy Partridge, and I'm a Senior Girl Scout from Troop 227. I've made this page as a part of my Gold Award Project. The Gold Award is the highest award you can obtain from Girl Scouts. My goal is to have a website that is kids' safe and family oriented. These pages will constantly be changing, trying to bring the safest sites to you. Have fun looking around. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Like most fun houses they contain many rooms with alot of cool things to do. Each room is designed for different age levels as well as interests. Like the fun houses at the carnivals, there is a ticket taker, this should be your very first stop, this is where you can learn or freshen up on the rules of safety while on the internet. Please start here!

The Ticket Taker


Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the websites or links that are shown on this website. Use a virus protection program while you are online since none of these sites are guaranteed to be "virus-free". They are links to sites that I and my family have found enjoyable and useful. Use at your own risk and always under adult supervision and/or permission. I accept no responsibilty or liabilty for the actions and/or results of those who use my homepage to link to other sites. This website is not an official website for the GSUSA and they do not endorse it in any way.

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