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Resources and Links For Adults

Family Links

Discovery Online



World Village

Moms-at-Home Page

National Child Care Information Center Home Page

Family Planet Home Page

Parent Soup

Parent's Place.Com

Health Links

People's Place

World Health Network

Alzheimer Disease Web Site

American Diabetes Association

Breast Cancer Information

Down Syndrome WWW Page

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Government Resources

Census Bureau

CIAWEB: Central Intelligence Agency Website

Federal Election Commission

Federal Justice Center

FedWorld Information Network

The House of Representives WWW Service

US Department of Justice

The United States Senate WWW Server

The White House Home Page

The Library of Congress Home Page

Social Sevurity OnLine

US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Treasury

US Department of Education

US Department of Health & Human Services

US Department of Housing & Urban Development

US Department of Transportation

US Department of Labor

US Postal Service

US Patent and Trademark Office

The Electronic Embassy

The United Nations